About ISKO – Iran

International Society for knowledge Organization
Iran Regional Chapter (ISKO-Iran)

I.    Preamble
The Iran Regional Chapter declare its purpose to provide the opportunities for cooperation of researchers and scholars interested in the knowledge organization field for promoting and developing the related conceptual and applied researches and activities in its specific region.
II.    Charter

Article 1: The Name of the Chapter
The Chapter bears the official name “International Society for Knowledge Organization, Iran Chapter”. The Chapter also is known as “ISKO-Iran Regional Chapter” or “Iranian ISKO Chapter”.

Article 2: Not For Profit
The Chapter is a non-profit scientific/professional society acting in the states of the Islamic Republic of Iran merely to promote scientific activities (research and education) the field of knowledge organization field by the Iranian scholars and specialists.

Article 3: Finances
The financial needs are supplied by membership fees, income from conferences, workshops, advisory services, publications as well as donations such as gifts, grants, and contributions from members and non-members, and will be kept by the treasurer of the chapter to transfer it to the Secretariat of ISKO. The treasurer reports financial transactions in every biennial General Assembly.
The Financial Year is the Solar Calendar Year.

Article 4: The Aims and Activities of the chapter
The mission of the ISKO-Iran Chapter, like its parent organization, is to advance conceptual work and research in the knowledge organization field in a broad sense, in different settings such as libraries or other information centers, systems and/or resources.
In pursuit of this mission, ISKO-Iran aims at:
•    Assisting researchers, promoting and carrying out quality research, and developing systems in the field of Knowledge organization;
•    Working on the specific and/or unsolved Knowledge organization problems in Iran region;
•    Supporting members and other researchers and professionals in publishing their valuable works on the knowledge organization field;
•    Facilitating the communication and exchange of information and experience of scientist, professionals, researchers, and the Iranian institutions working in the field of knowledge organization;
•    Adapting the international standards and procedures with the Iranian publications context features;
•    Integrating the activities related to the knowledge organization field at the national level;
•    Constructing the instructions and recommendations for facilitating the creation of the ontological systems for producing knowledge;
•    Presenting the guidelines and instructions for creating national information networks (like national bibliographic network, etc.).
Main activities of ISKO-Iran Chapter are as follows:
•    Publishing different materials regarding knowledge organization;
•    Holding conferences, seminars, meetings, and workshops regarding knowledge organization and related fields;
•    Presenting the advisory services to the Iranian professionals (organizations and persons) for promoting the practical activities in the knowledge organization field.

Article 5: Membership
In accordance with the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO)’s membership rules, all persons with an interest in the field of organization of knowledge who are settled in Iran for joining the ISKO-Iran chapter must primarily become a member of ISKO.
The ISKO-Iran regional chapter welcomes all professionals to join it for developing scientific activities related to the knowledge organization field in Iran.

Article 6: The Executive Board
The Iran Regional Chapter is governed by an Executive Board, consisting of:
President Rahmatollah Fattahi, Ph.D.
Vice president Mortaza Kokabi, Ph.D.
Program officer Alireza Noruzi, Ph.D.
Program officer (2) Shoele Arastoopoor, Ph.D.
Treasurer Abdolrasool Khosravi, Ph.D.

Board members:
Fariborz Khosravi, Ph.D.
Afshin Moosavi , Ph.D.
Mohsen Haji zeinolabedini , Ph.D.
Mehri Parirokh, Ph.D.
Sayyed Mahdi Taheri, Ph.D.
Ebrahim Emrani , BA

Article 7: The General Assembly
The chapter will hold its General Assembly of members every two years once on Isfand (based on the Solar Iranian Calendar year= February). The chairperson of each General Assembly is elected at the beginning of the meetings. The most important programs of the General Assembly consist of: the Presidency´s progress report; financial report, the election of Honorary Members; determining membership fees; and amendment of the charter.
Article 8: The Working Groups
The chapter will have 4 Working groups:
1.    The Knowledge Organization Systems and Standards Working group
2.    The Applications and User Study Working group
3.    The Conference Planning Working group
4.    The Publication Working group
The chairperson of each working group may be elected from the working group members.

Article 9: Dissolution of the Chapter and Amendment of the Charter
The Chapter may be dissolved by a three-quarters majority of all members present at a General Assembly in the event of voting by letter. After the Chapter’s dissolution, the assets of the Chapter will be transferred to a non-profit scientific organization selected by the members.
As well as the charter may be amended in a General Assembly by the same amount of all members present.